Core Values

Our company culture is built around our six fundamental values, focused on putting you at the forefront of all that we do. Everyone in our company adopts these values in every aspect of our service, ensuring you receive the same exceptional service each and every time.

Exceed Expectations​

We strive to not just meet the expectations of our clients, but to exceed them; offering better solutions, exceeding deadlines, outperforming industry standards and staying in touch throughout the entire process.


Calztec is proud to have employees and contractors that are knowledgeable and experienced in their discipline. Our wealth of experience in Fit Out and Refurbishment allows us to offer alternative ideas, more sustainable products and introduce clients to technological innovations that will make their space stand out from the rest.

Environmental Consideration

Working in construction, we have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment. We work hard to reduce and recycle our waste, re-purpose materials we take from sites, and shrink our fuel and electricity consumption. This is only the start of our journey and we are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Work Efficiency

Efficiency is a priority of everyone in our business. We are always looking for ways to mitigate unnecessary time wasted, stay in communication with all stakeholders to avoid loss of information and continue to set deadlines for all aspects of our work.


Working together is fundamental in creating amazing work. We know that when our teams collaborate, they accomplish greater, safer and more excellent standards of work. We bring together the passion and expertise of every member of Calztec to enhance every project.

Continuous Development

Personal Development helps to create a stronger work force, a more capable team and a more successful company. By conducting a post-project review after every completed job we strive to improve on the next one; by offering employees the opportunity to train and learn through personal development programmes we build the company’s skill level; by reaching and exceeding goals and targets within the company, we grow and improve. We are always looking forward to the next chapter to learn from.